Written by Claire Dearing

Finally! It’s been a busy couple of weeks to say the least but, yes, we’ve moved into our new base of operations here in beautiful San Francisco. So what if the office is still a mess, we couldn’t be more excited or more eager to get to work.

Some of you out there may know who I am but for those who don’t, let me introduce myself. I am Claire Dearing, former Operations Manager at Jurassic World and founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group. As this is my first official DPG post, I figured it’s the perfect time to cut through the rumors and let you all know where I stand in all this.

As some of you know from my public testimony, the disaster at the park in 2015 left me with new understanding of the world around me, and the value of these magnificent animals.

I was, sad to say, part of the machine. Unwitting, blind, lost in my career focus. Lost in the small picture while the big picture loomed in the shadows. Sadly, I didn’t see it coming until it was almost too late. Almost. Because there’s still time to make this right. The dinosaurs need help. They need a voice. And we’re going to do our best to fill that role.

The Dinosaur Protection Group is the result of finally owning up to the fact that, for decades, these rarest of animals have been grossly exploited; our mission is to stop the abuse by doing anything and everything possible to protect the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar – or wherever they may roam. I’m proud to be spearheading this cause to help steer our species in the right direction, working towards creating a safe future alongside the dinosaurs. A future fueled by a love of knowledge, not profit. A love of life, not gain.

It hasn’t been easy getting started. There is definitely opposition – powerful forces, some we know, some still lurking – but we believe there are a lot of allies out there, too. People who share our beliefs. Who support our vision. And now the DPG has a means of reaching out to those of you willing to rally behind the organization.

Wherever you’re reading this, or whenever you read this, I hope you’ll take the time to fully explore our website and learn about the importance of dinosaur protection. Sign-up to our mailing list to keep up-to-date with our progress and news relating to these magnificent animals and, of course, please support the DPG however possible.

No matter what comes, I’m not going anywhere. Never again.

Claire Dearing, Founder

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