Written by Claire Dearing

First, I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has supported the DPG so far. Your tremendous support has not gone unnoticed.

The imminent eruption of Mount Sibo has confronted humankind with an important moral decision unlike anything before: should we save the dinosaurs? For us at the DPG, it’s an easy choice – we were responsible for bringing them into this world, and so we are responsible for ensuring they stay in it. But our government feels differently. Our leaders’ only concerns lie with burying the past. If raiding the laboratory of Dr. Henry Wu after the disaster at the park wasn’t enough, they also want to abandon the dinosaurs and leave them at the mercy of an erupting volcano. It appears that all the government wants is a clean slate.

But they won’t get one if they leave the dinosaurs to die.

So now it is up to us.

As I type this, I’ve just returned from a meeting with an incredibly generous associate who has presented us with an opportunity that could hopefully turn the tide in our favor. This means that myself and my colleagues Zia and Franklin will be heading to Costa Rica shortly to lend a helping hand with the efforts that are underway.

I have not returned to that area of the world since the destruction of Jurassic World, and thinking about this upcoming trip I can’t help but feel apprehensive about the road ahead, as well as guilty for the part my actions played in causing this situation. However, I won’t let my fear and regret stop me from fighting for what’s right. Everything I’ve faced has shaped me into someone who doesn’t give up, who learns from her mistakes, and who takes responsibility for her actions. I don’t deserve a clean slate, and I never asked for one, but maybe, by doing everything in my power to preserve these animals’ lives, I can start to balance out the scales.

It’s time for action. I’m reaching out to an old friend who used to work on Nublar in the IBRIS project. I think he can help us in our efforts, and I hope he’ll be willing to step up.

To follow along with our mission, please visit here. If all goes well we’ll be back soon. I genuinely believe we have a fighting chance. After all, as we all know, life finds a way.

Claire Dearing, Founder

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